Chicken Licensing

Per City of Shawano Municipal Code chapter 7.132, residents within the City of Shawano are required to obtain an annual permit in order to have chickens on their property. 

A permit shall be issued by the City Clerk's office. The permit process requires a completed application accompanied by the fee as determined by the City Council. The permit will expire December 31 of each year. A new permit must be reissued annually and a new fee paid with each application. Applications received after April 1 are subject to a $5.00 late fee.

The applicant is required to register with the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection as soon as chickens are added to a premises and must keep registration current and up to date.  State ID number must be provided to the City of Shawano at the time of application. 
The keeping of up to four chickens, with a permit, is allowed on a single-family detached dwelling premises (as defined in section 10.03 of the Shawano Municipal code provided the following:

  • No Person shall keep a rooster
  • No Person shall slaughter any chicken within City limits
  • Chickens shall be provided with fresh water at all times and adequate amounts of feed
  • Chickens shall be provided with a sanitary and adequately sized enclosure, or coop, and shall be kept in an enclosure or a sanitary and adequately sized and accessible fenced enclosure, including fencing or other covering to prevent the chickens from flying out of the enclosure. 
To obtain an annual chicken license, please fill out this form and return it in person to Shawano City Hall to pay the appropriate fee.  If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 715-526-6138.