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Public Records Access Request - Police Department

  1. Requester, Please Note: under Wisconsin law a request for access to a public record is "deemed sufficient if it reasonably describes the requested record of the information requested. However, a request without reasonable limitations to the subject matter or length of time represented by the record does not constitute a sufficient request." See Wisconsin Statutes 19.35(1)
  2. Under Wisconsin law, a request for access to a public record may not be refused "because the person making the request is unwilling to be identified or to state the purpose of the request." See Wisconsin Statutes 19.35(1). You are being asked to provide this information on a voluntary basis.
  3. Insurance Companies/Attorney Firms, or any other agencies; please do NOT use this form. In order for the Shawano Police Department to provide you with an unredacted form, we need a request that is signed, on your letterhead, and identifies the insured or represented with a name and/or a claim number. This form does not meet those requirements.
  4. The files from the City of Shawano Police Department are to be considered investigative only. You must contact either the Shawano/Bonduel Municipal Court or the Shawano County Clerk of Courts to obtain a disposition for a specific charge.
  5. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. An email address and phone number are required for us to contact you as the requester for a timely follow-up.
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