The City of Shawano Common Council passed Ordinance 1990  on April 14, 2021, which will allow the usage of All-Terrain/Utility Terrain Vehicles (ATV/UTV) on City of Shawano roadways.  This Ordinance and the guidelines within will go into effect upon publication, which will be on Friday, April 23, 2021. (click the link above to view the Ordinance in its entirety.) 

Key Points

  • Designation of All-Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle Routes. Pursuant to s. 23.33(4)(d)4., Wis. Stats., except as otherwise provided in s. 23.33(4), Wis. Stats., persons may operate an all-terrain or utility terrain vehicle on any road, freeway, or highway in the City, except:
    • E. Green Bay St. from Main St. East to City Limits.
    • N. Main St. from Third St. to Green Bay St.
    • S. Main St. from Green Bay St. South to City Limits
  • Preferred Routes. As shown on the map below (click the map for a larger image), there are preferred routes throughout the city, in which ATV/UTVs can be operated at the posted speed limit. When ATVs/UTVs are operation on non-preferred routes, they must follow the stated 20mph speed limit.

  • Age Requirements.  The City of Shawano will follow the guidelines set forth within the Wisconsin State Statutes in regards to age limits and requirements for operating an ATV/UTV.