Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Per City Municipal Code Chapter 12.31 effective January 1, 2007.

Permit required. No HVAC work shall be installed in any building or any part thereof within the City until a permit has been obtained by a HVAC State Certified Contractor or by the owner of the premises.

Application. An application for an HVAC permit shall be made upon a form furnished by the Building Inspector click on the following link  for a "fillable" HVAC application.

Plans. With the application, a set of plans and specifications showing, in detail, the HVAC work for which a permit is requested. The Building Inspector may waive the filing of plans for alterations and repairs if sufficient detail is included on the application.

Schedule of permit fees for residential and commercial dwellings are subject to change per Council Resolution, contact the Building Inspector for current fees. The fees can also be found on the HVAC permit application.
In the event that work is started BEFORE a permit is issued, the above-stated fees which are applicable shall be tripled.

Inspection of work. The contractor or homeowner shall notify the Building Inspector when ready for inspection.

Please refer to Comm 23 of the Uniform Dwelling Code for further information or contact the Building Inspector at 715-526-6150.