Plumbing Permits and Fee Schedule

Per City of Shawano Municipal Code Section 12.16.

12.16    Definitions
As used in this subchapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
(1)    PLUMBING:
        (a)    As is stated in W.S.A. s. 145.01(10)(a), (c), (d) and (e).
        (b)    The construction, connection to or alteration of any drain, soil or waste pipe to carry domestic sewage, stormwater or industrial waste from a point three feet outside of the foundation walls of any building to the sewer lateral at the curb or other disposal terminal, including the private sewage disposal or treatment plant. This definition does not include minor repairs to faucets and the removal of stoppages in soil or waste pipes.

12.17    State code adopted.
The provisions and regulations of W.S.A. ch. 145 and Wis. Adm. Code Chs. Comm 82-87 are hereby made a part of this chapter by reference and shall extend over and govern the installation of all plumbing installed, altered or repaired in the City. Any further amendments, revisions and modifications of said Wisconsin Statutes and code incorporated herein are intended to be made part of this subchapter.

12.19    Plumbing Application and permits.
    (1)    For new construction, no plumbing shall be installed in the City without first filing a complete set of plans with the Building Inspector and receiving a permit. Licensed master plumbers only may receive such permits, except a permit may be issued to a property owner to repair, maintain or install plumbing in a single-family residence which is owned and occupied by such owner as his or her home.

    (2)    A permit shall be applied for and received before excavating in any street, alley or other public way to repair, alter or install plumbing.

Schedule of permit fees for residential and commercial dwellings are subject to change per Council Resolution, contact the Building Inspector for current fees. The fees can also be found on the plumbing permit application.

In the event plumbing work is begun BEFORE a permit has been obtained, the above permits fees shall be tripled.

Inspection of work.  The plumber in charge shall notify the Building Inspector whenever any residential work is ready for inspection (i.e., soil, vent, underground drain, final inspection). All plumbing work shall be left exposed until such time as the inspector has completed the examination and inspection.

Click on the link for a Plumbing Application.