Board of Appeals

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • The Board of Appeals meets as needed at a time and date to be determined upon request.
  • City Hall
    127 S Sawyer Street
    Shawano, WI 54166


The Board of Appeals reviews requests for zoning code variances (including fence heights and setback issues) in addition to appeals of administrative decisions made by City officials.

Member Information

This board shall consist of five (5) members as appointed by the Mayor for three (3) year terms.

Member Name Member Phone # Term Expiration
Jerry Buhrandt 715-526-3028 04/30/2025
Andy Schneider 715-851-9640 04/30/2025
Lana Prickette 920-419-8201 04/30/2026
Randy Young 715-851-3537 04/30/2026
Joyce Hagen 715-526-5104 04/30/2024
Shirley Hinze (1st Alternate) 715-530-2211 04/30/2026
Jim Oberstein (2nd Alternate) 715-201-0283 04/30/2025