Senior Citizens' Commission

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • 9:00 AM
  • Meets the last Wednesday of the month
  • Shawano City Hall 
    127 S Sawyer Street
    Shawano, WI 54166


The primary function of the Senior Citizens' Commission is to coordinate and conduct a program or programs to meet the health, recreational and social needs of senior citizens who are residents of the community.

Member Information

The Senior Citizens' Commission shall consist of the Mayor, an Alderperson and five citizen members. The citizen members shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Council for three-year terms. The Alderman member shall be appointed on the third Tuesday in April by the Council for a one-year term.

Member Name Member Phone No. Term Expiration
Bonnie Wolf 715-526-5850 04/30/2025
Joan Porter-Priem 715-701-0441 04/30/2025
Robert Priem 715-701-0441 04/30/2025
Lynnea Zahringer 715-853-5617 04/30/2024
Dennis Zdiarstek 715-584-1948 04/30/2024
Lois Flaig 715-851-1718 04/30/2024
Alderperson John Hoeffs 715-851-1646 April 2024
Mayor Bruce Milavitz 715-526-6138 April 2024