Shawano Municipal Utilities Commission

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • 4:00 PM
  • Monday preceding Common Council Meeting (Common Council meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month.)
  • Shawano Municipal Utilities
    122 N Sawyer Street 
    Shawano, WI 54166


The Commission shall take entire charge and management of SMU, appoint a manager and such subordinates as may be necessary and fix their compensation and shall supervise the operation of SMU under the general control and supervision of the Council, pursuant to W.S.A. s. 66.068, with such general control and supervision being exercised through the enactment of the municipal code.  Additional information on this Commission can be found in Chapter 6.02 of the City of Shawano Municipal Code. 

Member Information

The Commission shall consist of seven members: the Mayor, two Alderpersons and four persons who are residents of the area serviced by the Shawano Municipal Utilities or not more than two users of services provided by the Shawano Municipal Utilities, plus the City Administrator, who shall be an ex officio member without a vote.
Member Name Member Phone No. Term Expiration
Roger Pescinski 715-526-6101 09/30/2028
Ron Malueg 715-853-8475 09/30/2029
Jim Liesner 715-853-1000 09/30/2026
Michael Rueter 715-851-8172 09/30/2027
Alderperson Brad Keuschel 920-606-5313 April 2024
Alderperson John Hoeffs 715-851-1646 April 2024
Mayor Bruce Milavitz 715-526-6138 April 2024
City Administrator Eddie Sheppard, Ex-Officio 715-526-6138 N/A